"It is everything i hoped for and more!"

Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing your knowledge with us.

The program is truly unique, easy to follow, very thorough and well-planned. It's also obvious that you (unlike many PT's out there) have a University degree and base everything you teach from evidence and science! Very important when treating woman in such a delicate time of their lives. I am so happy for signing up to the Better Body after Baby program!!! It is everything i hoped for and more!

— Alathea

Better Body after Baby Program

"Game changer"

The Immediate Postpartum Program is a game changer for me. The recovery is so much better and faster this time around. I love the reading material part; I learned so much! And even the things I already knew, it was a good reminder not to rush and not to do anything stupid that I’ll regret later.

The exercises are great. They are helping me to awake my body and they give me the sense that I’m doing something already. Because it can be hard to just sit and wait out the 6 weeks until the postpartum appointment. And with these exercises I know it’s safe and healthy.

I can’t thank you enough for creating these programs! Can’t wait to do the 6 weeks program again and lay out the foundation for the new me—a healthy and strong mama of 2 boys.

Thank you Julie!!! 💙🙏

— Inna

Immediate Postpartum Program (From Birth to 8 weeks PP)

"My abs are already in better shape now, than they were prior pregnancy!"

Ladies, for anyone wanting to get their abs back after pregnancy, and or repair your Diastasis Recti I hugely recommend you check out Our Fit Family Life’s immediate postpartum program. It will ease anyone back into shape slowly and correctly! ⠀

After the birth of my daughter I rushed back into my training too quick and was doing a Guinness World Record 2 months after a c section! Looking back now I was insane! but in doing so I gave myself Diastasis Recti, and up until falling pregnant with my son I had it. Which was 2 years later! ⠀

Since following this program and doing the right recovery, my abs are already in better shape now, than they were prior pregnancy! I am so happy! ⠀

So anyone looking for a good program to follow, check it out! ⠀

— Chloe Bruce

Immediate Postpartum Program (From Birth to 8 weeks PP)

"Life Changing"

I’m sooo grateful to Julie and her dedication to helping postpartum women improve their bodies and quality of life. After my 2nd baby, I had a 5-finger gap between my abs (verified by a physical therapist). I was told by the PT I wouldn’t be able to run or do any types of “athletic” activities for at least 6-12 months due to the risk of harming my abs even more. As an active person, this was so disheartening to me! However, after this program, my PT was SHOCKED at my results, saying it was the fastest recovery he had ever seen in his career. My gap has significantly closed in just 6 weeks, and I’m now able to run again with no pain. I feel strong, and more importantly, I feel empowered to know how to heal my body and take care of it moving forward.

My PT said I “found gold” with this program. I’ve done so much research on diastasis recti and this has been BY FAR the best program I have found. Julie truly knows her stuff. She is encouraging, uplifting, and so good to answer every question clearly and quickly. It was absolutely worth the time and money (and it really wasn’t that much time at all). I can’t recommend this program enough.

— Julie

Better Body after Baby Program

"Couldn’t be happier! This course is gold!"

This program totally exceeded expectations and delivered the goods, through Julie’s tremendous knowledge, support and guidance.

I love that she was always accessible and answered all of my questions, and was so good keeping is motivated and re-educating us through this well organized and executed program.

I can’t believe I got the amazing results that I did in only 6 weeks. Julie, you are a force. Thank you!

— Nicole

Better Body after Baby Program

"Stellar course, Julie is amazing!"

I wish I had found this program sooner! It is worth every minute & every dollar you spend- it is life changing! I have learned SO much & Julie has made the program so you can really achieve it! The workouts have great variety- every day is different & exciting!! She is there for you every step of the way- even answer yours questions!! You can connect with other mamas that are doing the program too!! The support really makes it amazing! Truly the best result from this program is that I am able to lift, carry, play & snuggle my angel baby PAIN FREE!

I can’t thank you enough Julie!! Completing this program I now have a three finger-much shallower- gap & inside I feel so much tighter! No longer feel like everything is falling out & I have NO lower back pain now! When I lay down my tummy is flat. I really couldn’t believe that standing in a “relaxed” position my tummy is flat now!! I was honestly shocked at my before and after photos. I don’t feel lost in my body anymore & I have hope that I will only continue to heal more from here!!

— Sarah

Better Body after Baby Program

"Worth Every Minute...and penny!"

Absolutely loved this program! I learned a lot and am thrilled to have been introduced to a world of core workouts that are safe and do not require a single sit up.

The most positive walk-away for me is that incontinence (particularly when I sneeze or cough) has improved GREATLY, almost a non-issue for me now.

Julie was great with her interaction in the Facebook group and incredibly encouraging to all. I also enjoyed having the private Facebook group with all other ladies who were going through the program - it offered a lot of support and feedback so that was equally helpful. Thanks Julie!

— Rachel

Better Body after Baby Program