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I’m Julie. I’m a pre & postnatal fitness expert, specializing in diastasis recti and pelvic floor function, with a Masters Degree in Sports Science.

I teach women like you how to strengthen their core from within - even when it seems impossible - by teaching comprehensive and sustainable online programs based on unique and powerful abdominal breathing exercises.

Every Mom deserves to feel strong, confident and functional. That’s why I provide the right tools and techniques to clarify all the misleading information you can find out there, and help you reach your goals.

You body is incredible and worthy of feeling its best!

It’s not about the “no pain - no gain” mentality, but about how to exercise efficiently and move optimally.

Together, we’ll create new fitness habits that support a healthy body image, active lifestyle, functional core, ideal pelvic floor function and high quality life that you are meant to have!


Before I decided to hunt classes led by Physiotherapists and Doctors from around the world, and before I started my E-learning platform, I was “just” a Mom who though she knew enough about Fitness to spread the word about Pre & Postnatal Exercise!

Man I was so wrong… and I can’t recommend you enough to avoid following the guidance of someone who is solely educated as a personal trainer or a self-taught mom because they aren’t experts and these times in your motherhood journey are very delicate times. Having a lot of followers of Instagram doesn’t make them Experts, so check your coach’s credentials.

I lived 3 years with a loose pelvic floor, unbalanced core, aches and pain. I was proudly walking on the beach with my 6-pack and crying in the bathroom, thinking that "my body let me down". I enrolled in every Pre & Postnatal Fitness Training course I could find and still couldn't find the golden information I was searching for. Then I decided to expand my search into the medical and scientific word. Precious info is hard to find, and assimilating the new kind of fitness approach and exercises require a special mindset.

Long story short, I healed my ab separation and 1st degree prolapse after my 2nd Baby.
This picture now represents what my body is today:

  • A healthy and strong core, strengthened from the inside out

  • A pain-free body (I swear I thought I would have to live my entire life with back pain)

  • A body allowing me enjoy my favorite activities, play time with my boys and every adventure life puts in front of me.

Our society puts a lot of stress on the Mothers’ shoulders to “get their body back” and then normalizes pads to deal with incontinence! I’m a huge believer that it’s never too late to make improvements and start doing the right exercises to heal, but what about preventive information? What about supporting expecting Mothers and new Moms by giving them the info they need to prevent long term issues?

We are postpartum forever, but listen: urine leakage, mummy pooch, back pain, prolapse... are NOT supposed to be part of the "Becoming a Mom Package".

My life’s mission is to help other women create vibrant health, body awareness, and active pain free lives that they truly love through this blog, online programs, and my free email newsletter. 

Quick facts


    I’m a French girl! Born & Raised

  2. HOME

    Our family now lives and plays in Annecy, France, but I train Women all over the world!


    Pelvic floor dysfunction and core weakness after my 1st pregnancy, which what lead me to hunt the finest Pre & Postnatal Specialists in the US and in Europe to become the Expert I am today


    Teaching women that they can be stronger and more satisfied with their bodies after having Babies! I’m passionate about the women's body and its ability to adapt


    Make fitness accessible to busy Mothers and Educating them on the correct ways to work toward their goals while helping them get their flat tummy back and healthy pelvic floor function after Baby.


    Mostly paleo, but I don’t label my eating habits, and you don’t have to either!


    Anywhere involving outdoor activities and good food


    Quitting my primary school teaching job. Mom or Teacher… I had to choose my battle and I’m so glad I did!


    I learned English in Finland & Czech Republic… So I have a unique English accent!


Where are you in your Motherhood journey?

What you WON’t find here

🚫 Body shaming

🚫 Mom-judging

🚫 Rigid or restrictive diet prescriptions that feel impossible to follow

🚫 Advice that takes the fun out of life 

🚫 Judgment for wanting to create a bigger life for yourself

What you’ll find here

✅ High quality and reliable information about the best Pre & Postnatal practices

✅ In detail exercises and technique to strengthen your core from WITHIN via exercises and daily habits

✅ Tools to safely resume your favorite activities and get better results

✅ A safe place to talk and learn about everything you don’t dare sharing with your best friend

✅ Inspiration and How-to’s to create a healthy lifestyle that feels so good wish you would have started sooner!