"Stellar course, Julie is amazing!"

I wish I had found this program sooner! It is worth every minute & every dollar you spend- it is life changing! I have learned SO much & Julie has made the program so you can really achieve it! The workouts have great variety- every day is different & exciting!! She is there for you every step of the way- even answer yours questions!! You can connect with other mamas that are doing the program too!! The support really makes it amazing! Truly the best result from this program is that I am able to lift, carry, play & snuggle my angel baby PAIN FREE!

I can’t thank you enough Julie!! Completing this program I now have a three finger-much shallower- gap & inside I feel so much tighter! No longer feel like everything is falling out & I have NO lower back pain now! When I lay down my tummy is flat. I really couldn’t believe that standing in a “relaxed” position my tummy is flat now!! I was honestly shocked at my before and after photos. I don’t feel lost in my body anymore & I have hope that I will only continue to heal more from here!!

— Sarah

Better Body after Baby Program