Bring your Pregnancy Fitness Plan to the next level!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! 

I’m thrilled to help you learn how to be pro-active throughout your pregnancy and address all of your specific needs along the way, as well as maintain energy levels, core connection, pelvic floor function, good posture, and muscle mass.

pregnancy workout routine - pregnancy workout plan

Implementing the right exercises into your pregnancy workout plan can literally revolutionize your experience.

Fitness while expecting a baby isn’t just about staying fit. There’s a whole wellbeing dimension that most pregnancy workout plans neglect. This program can bring your pregnancy to the next level!

Here you’ll of course find routines designed to suit specific trimesters, but I’ve also created routines to target those specific discomforts associated with pregnancy.

Enhance your strength and wellbeing for life!

Improve your breathing and core awareness through your pregnancy workout program 

During pregnancy, your growing baby pushes your internal organs in every direction, down on your pelvic floor, up towards the diaphragm and lungs, and forward against your ab midline. Everything shifts within your body and learning how to move and breathe with your growing belly is key to feeling your best, preventing injuries and fully enjoying your pregnancy.

One of the most common mistakes in workout plans for pregnancy is neglecting core connection during workouts, as well as during functional movements and breathing. The extra forces exerted on the transverse muscle and pelvic floor can lead these muscles to literally turn off during pregnancy. Let’s not allow that to happen! A pregnancy workout routine should be so much more than just squatting and adapting whatever activities you were doing pre-pregnancy. This is the perfect time to re-connect, in every essence of the term, to your core. 

Pregnancy workout routine & wellness plan

Pregnancy workout routine & wellness plan

Being pro-active though a pregnancy workout routine is not only key to feeling your best during these few months, but it’s also instrumental in recovering quickly after baby arrives.

I know, the Pregnancy journey can be paved with quite a few challenges that can prevent you from fully enjoying this very special time, and too many expecting Moms passively endure these aches and pains. It doesn’t have to be that way!

There are solutions to implement into your pregnancy workout routine to improve your wellbeing and honor the changes in your body. 

I’ve created this pregnancy exercise plan to:

Help you enjoy fully these 9 very special months 

Embrace an active lifestyle

Be pro-active in order to :

  • maintain muscle mass 

  • avoid a severe Diastasis Recti,

  • improve/maintain proper core function

  • improve/maintain the proper function of your pelvic floor muscles

  • prevent/diminish common aches and pains associated with pregnancy

  • improve your posture

  • breath and push your baby more efficiently during labor 

  • and already prepare your recovery post-pregnancy!  

This pregnancy fitness plan has been designed to give you access to the safest and most effective workouts you’ll find in the Pregnancy Fitness World!

I’ve been educated by some of the finest Pre and Postnatal Specialists in the US and in Europe and you’ll benefit from all my years of studying and working with Mothers, developing techniques and core/pelvic floor exercises to promote a healthy pregnancy.

I don’t want you to over-think things so I’ve broken down every aspect of Pregnancy Fitness and to make it as easy as possible to understand and implement. Pregnancy exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. 

I’ll provide you tips and tools to support you but also to expand your mind about the way you approach fitness and the way you connect to your body in your daily life.

Pregnancy workout routine & wellness plan - The Mommy Body Bliss Pregnancy Program

Pregnancy workout routine & wellness plan - The Mommy Body Bliss Pregnancy Program


Pregnancy workout routine & wellness plan

Access to an online platform functioning like an app on your laptop or mobile device

Priceless and up to date information about:

Nearly 40 routines and 150 videos with:

o 18 Full body strength routines – based on low impact body weight exercises

o 20 routines based on an abdominal breathing technique to:

  • prevent a severe ab separation

  • improve/maintain your pelvic floor function

  • improve/maintain your transverse muscle function

  • ease heartburn

  • ease constipation

  • ease intercostal pain

  • ease shortness of breath

  • ease heavy legs

  • ease pelvic blood flow issues

  • ease low back pain

  • ease upper back pain

 o Power walking routines, stretching routines and relaxation poses

A Suggested pregnancy workout schedule for each trimester

Videos with audio and text description for each move

Nutrition recommendations – food group servings and pregnancy diet

BONUS: Meals & snacks ideas

Any program updates and access for the foreseeable future

Pregnancy workout routine & wellness plan -  Pregnancy tips  & Exercises created by Julie Baird - Fitness Prenatal Expert

Pregnancy workout routine & wellness plan - Pregnancy tips & Exercises created by Julie Baird - Fitness Prenatal Expert


Pregnancy workout routine & wellness plan

I try to keep things as simple as possible, but some helpful equipment includes:

  • a yoga mat

  • a chair

  • little pillows

  • nursing pillow (or body pillow)

  • a little 8 or 9 inch inflatable Pilates ball (or folded pillow, or stuffed animal!)

  • a 55 or 65 cm exercise ball (Swiss ball)

  • a yoga strap (or belt, or scarf)

  • yoga block (or pillows)

  • yoga bolster (or couch cushion)

Let me lead you through the amazing, but occasionally overwhelming quest for a fit pregnancy

This can be one of the most precious and intense moments in your life. Use this added awareness to make the most of this extraordinary experience to rediscover yourself in the most intimate aspects. 

We live in a world where we too often neglect our senses and sensations. Your body is about to undergo the biggest of changes. Remember to be kind to your body in the way you treat it but also in the way you feel about it. 

Your core awareness and the relationship you have with your body is a critical component of a happy, enjoyable and healthy pregnancy. 

Let’s bring your 9 month journey to the next level to live it to the fullest.



This pregnancy workout routine& wellness plan was designed for a normal singleton pregnancy only. 

Make sure that you have talked with your Physician and received approval to follow this pregnancy workout routine & wellness plan prior to beginning.

Pregnancy workout routine & wellness plan -  First trimester exercises  to 40 weeks!

Pregnancy workout routine & wellness plan - First trimester exercises to 40 weeks!

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