"Game changer"

The Immediate Postpartum Program is a game changer for me. The recovery is so much better and faster this time around. I love the reading material part; I learned so much! And even the things I already knew, it was a good reminder not to rush and not to do anything stupid that I’ll regret later.

The exercises are great. They are helping me to awake my body and they give me the sense that I’m doing something already. Because it can be hard to just sit and wait out the 6 weeks until the postpartum appointment. And with these exercises I know it’s safe and healthy.

I can’t thank you enough for creating these programs! Can’t wait to do the 6 weeks program again and lay out the foundation for the new me—a healthy and strong mama of 2 boys.

Thank you Julie!!! 💙🙏

— Inna

Immediate Postpartum Program (From Birth to 8 weeks PP)