Welcome to the Mommy Body Bliss Membership!

I’m proud to introduce you to my monthly membership specifically designed for women to get stronger while maintaining proper core and pelvic floor function. 

Let’s start a plan that has a positive impact on your daily life as a mom, wife and woman!

Who’s this fitness program designed for?

Workout plans for busy Moms

This monthly membership is for you if:

  • You’ve already re-strengthened your core after baby through my Better Body after baby program (or similar), and want to have access to its Follow-up Program and a year of additional unique training.

  • You want a busy Mom workout schedule with efficient daily workouts

  • You want full body workouts as well as tools to maintain proper core and pelvic floor function

  • You’re looking to get fit and prepare before conception

Now is the time to embark on a new fitness journey to live a life that maximizes your physical capabilities and wellness to experience positive changes in the way you feel in… and about your body.

What makes my program so unique and efficient?

This program has been created by a busy Mama for busy Mothers! A busy Mama with a Masters Degree in Sports Science, who has been educated by some of the finest Pre and Postnatal Specialists in the US and in Europe.

My own body endured many ups and downs after having children, and I know how priceless maintaining proper core and pelvic floor function is. 

You’ll benefit from all my years of studying and working with Mothers, developing techniques and core/pelvic floor exercises to promote a healthy Motherhood, active life, sex life, and self-confidence.

Once we begin, you’ll realize the incredible benefits that the specially developed exercises utilizing abdominal breathing can have in your life. I’m not just talking about aesthetic changes; these exercises can also lead to huge internal benefits and wellbeing improvements. 

I want you to feel good about your body, strong and empowered through fitness & healthy eating

mom working out - workout plans for busy moms

Let’s make fitness a lifestyle. Embrace a sustainable fitness program.

It’s time to say goodbye to the “no pain - no gain” philosophy. Punishing your body through exercise, pain, and diet isn’t the solution and can greatly worsen your quality of life. 
Finding balance and building a new and healthy relationship with your body is the key to feeling your best. 

You won’t find a “busy mom diet plan” or “working mom diet” here. Dieting is ultimately about deprivation… Focusing on what you can’t or shouldn’t eat is incredibly frustrating and limiting, so here we’ll work to create healthy eating habits and expand choices! 

One of my goals is to help you realize that cooking and eating healthy can be quick, pleasant and delicious – letting you feel whole and full of energy.

I’ll give you the tools to create healthy and sustainable eating and exercising habits. 


The Mommy Body Bliss Membership - Workout plans for busy Moms

  • Access to an online platform functioning like an app on your laptop or mobile device

  • Education Material with information about the specificity of Fitness for Mothers, and how to maintain proper ab and pelvic floor function

  • Fully laid out calendar showing exactly what to do each day

  • Daily workouts activated every 4 weeks

  • 10-30 min workouts to fit into your busy schedule

  • More than 250 exercises based on abdominal breathing and/or low impact exercises

  • Videos with audio and text descriptions for each move

  • Simple nutrition tips to implement into your daily life and recipe ideas based on REAL food – because it’s no secret, establishing good eating habits goes a long way toward helping you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

  • All program updates as long as you’re a Member


The Mommy Body Bliss Membership - Workout plans for busy Moms

I try to keep things as inexpensive and simple as possible. Here's a short list of the equipment we'll be using.

  • a yoga mat

  • a little 8 or 9 inch inflatable Pilates ball (or folded pillow, or stuffed animal!)

  • a yoga strap (or belt, or scarf)

  • A green or a blue Thera-Band (blue is more challenging)

mom working out - workout plans for busy moms

Let’s make fitness attainable for busy Mothers too!

Have you ever wondered “How a busy mom gets fit?” 

Getting mom working out regularly is so much easier with a fully laid schedule or plan! 

Here you’ll discover daily efficient workouts for working moms or stay at home mothers. The routines are built around abdominal breathing exercises and low impact full body moves.  They can be done at home, in a park, at the gym or even in your office. 

The goal here is to take simple everyday steps to incorporate a balanced approach to exercise and nutrition.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the expression “If Mom is happy, everyone is happy”, right? But seriously, how many moms do you know put their own selves first? Even for just a few minutes a day? 

It seems like most of us are driven by the principle “When everybody else is happy, fed, fulfilled, and taken care of, and if I have any time or an ounce of energy left, I’ll finally think about myself.”

Well, it’s time to make some changes.

Taking care of yourself is a priority, and it’s anything but selfish!

The Mommy Body Bliss Membership - Workout plans for busy Moms

The Mommy Body Bliss Membership - Workout plans for busy Moms

Are you ready to:

  • Say “YES” to yourself?

  • Feel good in and about your body?

  • Build more pelvic floor and core awareness?

  • Feel healthier and stronger?

  • Feel energetic and vibrant?

  • Learn how to get fit for life?

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