Congratulations on your new baby! 

The few first weeks after childbirth are pivotal for your recovery


Your body needed 9 months to grow this baby…. and the moment right after birth is extremely shocking for your body. Baby, placenta, water… you lose a lot of weight and mass within a very short window of time.

As a result, your organs are suddenly presented with a lot more space in your abdomen, and your abs are extremely weakened and stretched. Ab muscles don’t regain their pre-pregnancy elasticity right away and they may feel extremely loose right now. This is totally normal.

Your body needs some time to recover from pregnancy. We don’t just bounce right back after giving birth…. and the 6 to 8 weeks following delivery are critical… not only for your short-term recovery, but also for your future as a mom, wife, women… and for potential future pregnancies!

I wish every new Mom returned home with the postpartum tips and gentle exercises I’m about to share with you. It’s so frustrating to see that many of us end up with a severe Diastasis Recti or pelvic floor function issues… that could have been avoided with the correct guidance! 

immediate postnatal program

Pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes, but they can take a toll on your body, especially if you neglect this very sensitive immediate postpartum period. 

Most of the time, women are told to wait for their doctor’s green light to resume exercising… then at 6 or 8 weeks PP they think that they can simply jump back into whatever activity they want! 

But if you’ve already had a baby, you know that new Moms are actually doing things before receiving the approval to do something… I remember perfectly the constant breastfeeding sessions, getting up from bed 4 times a night, taking the stroller out of the car and then putting the car seat on the stroller, without mentioning caring for any other children too.

So obviously, at 6 weeks PP, your strength and core don’t just bounce back like magic! The foundation needs to be laid, and here, we’ll do just that. 

Of course, in this guide I won’t be talking about exercises like running, jumping jacks or crunches! Very gentle reeducating exercises are necessary to awaken your core and pelvic floor, to progressively regain your strength. 

Let’s approach postpartum with a strategy and care…. to heal and recover quickly, and properly. 

Remember, your body needed 9 months to grow your baby, it now needs some nurturing and affection, to recover properly, and re-build fitness and strength.

Every new mom will recover at a different rate with different postpartum symptoms. 

Make sure that you have talked with your Physician and received approval to follow this exercise program prior to beginning.