Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Our Mommy Body Bliss Pregnancy Program is designed to help you be pro-active throughout your pregnancy and answer your specific needs along the way, as well as maintain energy levels, good posture, and muscle mass

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Fitness while expecting a baby isn’t just about staying fit. There’s a whole well-being dimension that most pregnancy programs neglect.

This guide can literally revolutionize your experience.

Here you’ll of course find routines designed to suit specific trimesters, but I’ve also created routines to target specific discomforts associated with pregnancy.

The goal of this program is to lead you through the amazing, but occasionally overwhelming quest for a fit pregnancy.

Too many expecting Moms passively endure body changes and aches and pains during these 9 months. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are solutions to improve your well-being and honor the changes in your body. 

The Pregnancy journey can be paved with quite a few challenges that can prevent you from fully enjoying this very special time. Most of us go through back pain, blood flow issues and digestion discomforts. So tune into your body’s signals and listen to every little change.

Being pro-active while you’re expecting is not only key to feeling your best during these few months, but it’s also instrumental in recovering quickly after baby arrives.

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This can be one of the most precious and intense moments in your life. Use this added awareness to make the most of this extraordinary experience to rediscover yourself in the most intimate aspects.

We live in a world where we too often neglect our senses and sensations. Your body is about to undergo the biggest of changes. Remember to be kind to your body in the way you treat it but also in the way you feel about it.

The relationship you have with your body is a critical component of a happy, enjoyable and healthy pregnancy.

I’m hopeful this program will bring your 9 month journey to the next level to live it to the fullest.


This program was designed for a normal singleton pregnancy only. 

Make sure that you have talked with your Physician and received approval to follow this exercise program prior to beginning.