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Certified Personal Trainer NASM

Masters Degree from the French University of Sport Sciences

Hi! I’m so excited for you to join me on this online personal training adventure! We’ll work together to give you the tools to transform your body and make sustainable changes in your fitness life. Say Goodbye long, slow, and boring workouts and make good use of your own bodyweight, it's like your own little portable gym! 

I train a limited number of clients to ensure that you get the most personal attention. I will develop a program that is specifically designed for your needs and fitness goals. I’ll be there every step of the way to inspire, educate and motivate. Weather your looking to drop a few pounds, sculpt your physique, or spice up your fitness routine. Our goal is to create an environment for real lifestyle change that is practical and sustainable. 


Package includes:

  • A personally designed training program catered to your specific needs
  • Access to total body workout video routines with exercise descriptions
  • Short metabolism booster workouts (from 10 to 30 minutes)
  • The ability to quickly communicate with me to modify and adjust the workouts to maximize the benefits and boost results.
  • I will personally reply to your questions and guide you through the adventure.
  • If needed, I’ll give you healthy recipes, insight and guidance into Balanced Nutrition

Let’s do it!

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Only $99 a month!

You won't find a better price. That's less than $25 a week for a certified personal trainer! Some of you may spend more than $25 on coffee or on an impulsive buy per week! Remember that a personal trainer at home or at the gym would charge minimum $50 - $60 per HOUR.





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