"I love working with Julie! She is very easy to work with and keeps me motivated with varying my workouts and working with me to find a way to fit it into my busy schedule. I really enjoy the flexibility of being able to workout at home and having Julie to motivate me to keep going. I have seen such a change in both my physical and mental health over the last 6 months. It is so great to feel strong and in shape again!"

Nicky - USA


"One day I saw this amazing video in my Facebook stream where a woman worked out with her toddler running around her legs. It was intriguing and just what I needed to see at that time. I was under the impression "I don't have the time I need, to exercise." And the video showed me a person who looked like someone who's figured it out. I searched and found her, this amazing person. I signed up and Julie created a program for me and I just started. She checks in on me on regular basis and adjusts the program to meet me and what I can and can not do. She has a huge library of different exercises and it is never boring to work out with Julie. I really feel that she is my personal trainer which is great since I'm living on the other side of the planet."

Cecilia - Sweden


"Julie's workouts actually fit in my busy work/family life; that in and of itself is a huge thing to me as a single parent and business owner. She is very attentive to you in regards to communication and makes sure that the workouts target areas that you need. I had a long break from working out because of a back injury and feel like Julie has done a fantastic job in helping me find exercises that would strengthen areas that need it as well as help prevent future injuries. I am thrilled that I found my way to her services and know that they are helping towards my goal of a healthy, pain-free and active life."

Meghan - USA


"Very professional approach. Always there for me when I need. Great experience."

Sanja - France


"I am very happy that I decided to contact Julie for online training. It was about 5 months after I gave birth and I really wanted an exercise programme that I could do from the comfort of my home. I like that the workouts are short and varied. Julie is also super helpful and adapted my training to suit my varying needs (e.g.while I was on vacation) and wishes (e.g. now I have shorter but more frequent workouts). I can definitely notice the changes :-) (my husband too!). I feel fit, I have more energy and I always feel better after a workout! Merci beaucoup Julie!"

Alicia - Trinidad and Tobago