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Millions Of Mothers Suffer From Weak Core and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

You Don’t Have To Be One Of Them!

Motherhood Bliss… We all hear about it, read about, talked about it and expect it! It is in part, why we are so excited to get pregnant. Who doesn’t want to coo over tiny fingers and get lost in the first smile of a baby? And then there is the other side. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Mommy Tummy, Diastasis Recti, Back aches, Fatigue…

The Women Body is amazingly complex, designed to adapt to every change we face in Motherhood. Yet even our amazing bodies can start to break down from the wear and tear of our stressful life. But what if I told you that all of this “other side” doesn’t have to be part of the “becoming a Mom” package?

There are solutions!

  • Open your eyes on another way to approach fitness and core training.

  • Discover the secrets that thousands of Mamas are using to strengthen their core from within, feeling stronger, more confident and pain-free than they ever thought possible!

Meet Julie

Hi! I’m a pre & postnatal fitness expert, specializing in diastasis recti and pelvic floor function, with a Masters Degree in Sports Science.

I teach women like you how to strengthen their core from within - even when it seems impossible - by teaching comprehensive and sustainable online programs based on unique and powerful abdominal breathing exercises.

To me, every workout should make you feel better in and about your body while giving you the tools to:

  • Strengthen / Heal Your Core

  • Relieve Back Pain / Decompress your spine

  • Improve Pelvic Floor Function

  • Get Better Results!

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Think of core disconnection like this:

Your pelvic floor is the foundation for your entire core. It should be connected to your inner core muscles (deep abs and back muscles) and to your diaphragm. They depend on each other for proper function.

However, pregnancy, but also poor breathing pattern, poor daily posture, and lack of pelvic floor awareness can disconnect our core system. All the elements that should work together don’t, leading many Mothers to urinary incontinence, Diastasis Recti, core weakness, back pain…

Sadly, out of embarrassment, shame, or fear, too many women give up doing what they love and try to ignore symptoms as long as they can before seeking help becomes unavoidable!

CORE CONNECTION: The Secret To Heal Your issues

It starts with a “mind muscle connection” - Pelvic floor meet brain, brain meet pelvic floor!

When you internally focus on a muscle group you are able to substantially increase that muscles activation and awareness. It’s time to give our pelvic floor and breathing the attention they deserve and acknowledge their fundamental role, to live an active pain-free life to the fullest and regain this flat tummy and core strength after Baby arrives! 

Thousands of women who were suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction, postpartum back pain, Diastasis Recti or core weakness have discovered remarkable healing and strength through The Mommy Body Bliss Series.

I’m committed to Women all over the world heal/improve their own bodies through powerful abdominal breathing exercises and posture.

What makes my programs so efficient?

Essentially, I use unique abdominal breathing exercises designed to reconnect your pelvic floor, core muscles and breathing to break down poor habits that cause pain and dysfunction.

When you embark on the Journey with me, every exercise can become a core exercises, helping you to move better, breath better and feel better! So, if you want to heal your diastasis recti, feel strong, pain free, leak free and functional, then you’re in the right place!

In as little as 10 to 30 minutes a day, you can reclaim healthy core and vitality! No matter where you are in the stage of Motherhood, the Mommy Body Bliss Series can put you on the path to fitness and wellness. Every Mom deserves to feel strong, confident and functional. That’s why I provide the powerful tools and techniques and clarify all the misleading information you can find out there, to help you reach your goals.

Our breath is what connects our whole core, and by simply changing how you train your core and move, you can dramatically change how you look and feel in life.

The Mommy Body Bliss Series Is For You

Thousands of women around the world are living my Pre & Postnatal programs, gaining core strength, ideal pelvic floor function and learning to exercise optimally and safely.

With the Mommy Body Bliss Series, YOU become pro-active and the gatekeeper to your core strength and function.

You body is incredible and worthy of feeling its best!

We move in a way that weakens our core

Did you know that we’re hurting and weakening ourselves without even realizing it!

The way we pick up our kids, carry them, put them in the crib, breastfeed, push the stroller, but also sit in the car, on the couch, at work, stand, exercise… Our daily movement and habits actually cause millions of women unnecessary daily pain and dysfunction.

One of the big secrets to a stronger core and pain-free life is to integrate simple yet highly effective changes in the way we exercise, sit, stand, breathe, and move!

If you’re suffering from core weakness, Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, or back pain... and doubt there is an answer for you, we’d like to invite you to explore the Mommy Body Bliss Series.

These programs have changed thousands of women's lives who are now stronger, healthier, and more confident. In more control of their pelvic floor, core, and pain than they were before.

Join me, start moving and feeling better today!

Join me

Where are you in your Motherhood Journey?

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your program. It’s body healthy / body kind focus. I found it when I was desperate after my first birth dealing with really bad pelvic pain - after 2 weeks I could stand up straight again. I’m 7 months pregnant now and have been doing your new Mommy Body Bliss routines and every time I have a new annoying or painful symptom I find a stretch or move for helping it. Thank you!
— Emily
Ladies, for anyone wanting to get their abs back after pregnancy, and or repair your Diastasis Recti I hugely recommend you check out Our Fit Family Life’s immediate postpartum program. It will ease anyone back into shape slowly and correctly! ⠀
After the birth of my daughter I rushed back into my training too quick and was doing a Guinness World Record 2 months after a c section! Looking back now I was insane! but in doing so I gave myself Diastasis Recti, and up until falling pregnant with my son I had it. Which was 2 years later! ⠀
Since following this program and doing the right recovery, my abs are already in better shape now, than they were prior pregnancy! I am so happy! ⠀
So anyone looking for a good program to follow, check it out!
— Chloe Bruce, stunt woman
Thank you for your dedication to women’s health post partum and creating this program. I am a first time mom and 20 weeks post partum with twins, and very encouraged by my progress. My DR ran the length of my entire abdomen. I had no core and my organs felt like they were just swimming inside me. I had about a 2-3 finger gap wide and 2-3 knuckles deep in my belly button - happy to report I am down to a 1 finger gap with a 1 knuckle depth to work on!
— Sheeva
Your program is still revolutionizing my body & mind!
Still using your program! So impressed - you’ve literally changed my life! I’m going to have another baby (which i wasn’t before) knowing I can achieve this!
— Lara

Where are you in your Motherhood journey?

What you’ll find here

✅ High quality and reliable information about the best Pre & Postnatal practices

✅ In detail unique exercises and techniques to strengthen your core from WITHIN in every stage of Motherhood

✅ Tools to safely resume your favorite activities and get better results

✅ A safe place to talk and learn about everything you don’t dare sharing with your best friend

✅ Inspiration and How-to’s to create a healthy lifestyle that feels so good wish you would have started sooner!


🚫 Body shaming

🚫 Mom-judging

🚫 Rigid or restrictive diet prescriptions that feel impossible to follow

🚫 Advice that takes the fun out of life 

🚫 Judgment for wanting to create a bigger life for yourself