No more excuses like "I'm a Mom, I can't work out anymore..."

Hi Everyone!

I am very excited to post the 1st article on this Blog. I hope it’s the beginning of a new path for @ourfitfamilylife. When I started my Instagram page about a year ago, I didn’t think my workouts would become so popular. I am happy and proud to inspire so many Fit Moms like you! 

When I was pregnant I was searching for DVDs, books, websites… to help me to start exercising with my baby. Not only did I want to tighten my new Mommy body, but I also wanted to be able to share all the activities I loved before getting pregnant with my son.  I was shocked that everything I found and purchased was very basic and boring. Definitely not as interesting and fun as exercising with a baby could be (in my opinion). That’s why I started my own workouts. Sharing them on Instagram was pushing me to be more and more creative and feed this Mommy-baby workout arena. 

When baby doesn't crawl yet:

As a new mom, I am sure you feel that you have much less time to exercise and take care of yourself. However it’s NOT impossible. Working out doesn't always have to mean going to the gym for an hour. Simply playing with your baby you can squeeze in an effective, FAST, and fun workout. When you see the smile on your baby’s face you will be even more motivated to use simple moves and work your whole body. You don’t need to plan a 30 minute workout, you can break the exercises up into just a few minutes, several times a day. Your baby will love it! He will be the center of your attention during these mini workouts, he will move and see you move and you will really feel the bond of playing more than working out. 

plank - baby and mommy workout
chair - baby and mommy workout
V sit - baby and mommy workout

With your doctor’s approval, you can start doing these exercises as early as six or eight weeks after you’ve given birth. 

I personally started after 3 months. My son was strong enough to hold his head and was starting to be very interactive. I'm not going to lie... I had never felt so weak and it was hard to believe I could ever regain my strength. I was also struggling with body image issues. But after a few weeks I felt much better. Exercising boosted my energy level and confidence, improved my mood, relieved stress and (of course!) tightened my new Mommy body


Here are some tips for exercising with a baby:

- Make sure your little one isn't hungry, sleepy or uncomfortable in any way. Also, when performing exercises in which your baby must hold his own head up, be sure he can do so without discomfort.

- Place baby comfortably on his back and do some planks or push-ups over him. Talk to him, tell him some stories, count how many seconds you want to hold or how many reps you do out loud. At around 4 months old, my son was trying to catch my hair and was smiling all the time. Believe me, it’s a big source of motivation to push yourself!

- Your Baby is grumpy? Take to stroller and go for a walk. In a park you can do a few squats or lunges. You can use the stroller to help you and keep your balance. There is a good chance that your baby will fall asleep enjoying the fresh air. You can also use your favorite baby carrier!

- Hold baby and lift him gently over you. After a few arm extensions your shoulders will definitely be talking to you. Interact with him, he'll love hearing little hoots and sounds as you exercise “Yeahhh”, “Whoooo”! Your baby and your arms will love this workout! This exercise/game is very beneficial because as baby gets heavier, you get stronger! To get a complete workout you can also combine this move with some slow wide squats or calve raises.


plank leg raise - baby and mommy workout
chair - baby and mommy workout

Here's an example of one of my very first routines when Curren was 4 months old. Rest about 20 sec. in between each move and 1 minute in between rounds. Remember to exercise responsibly with your baby.

3 rounds with baby comfortably installed on his back (I was using a blanket to protect his little head):

  • 20 sec. plank pose - count to 20 and interact with your little one, (your body should form a straight line from your head to your feet, suck your belly button in). 
  • 5 push-ups and kiss your baby's fore-head,
  • 4 inchworms (your feet stay in one place), kiss your baby each time you come back in full plank pose.
  • on all fours, 15 straight leg raises, each side,
  • on all fours, 15 bent leg raises (glute presses), each side.
  • 1 minute rest (or more!)

Remember that your workouts are your Mommy time. Once you find a way to include them in your daily routine, you will crave them!  Feel free to increase to number of reps and rounds as you get stronger. If you scroll down at the very beginning of my Instagram, your will find many routines that could help you get started. I advise you to warm-up before you exercise. It can be as easy as a short walk or a few high-knees or jumping jacks. Take care of your body and protect your back. Take a few minutes to stretch afterward.

Know your limits and tune-in to your body. You know your body better than anyone. These are guidelines and you must make the final decision. Always consult your Doctor before starting any new workout regimen. If you just had a baby, work with your doctor to determine the best time to begin adding abdominal exercise to your postpartum exercise routine. Take into consideration your individual level of experience and training before attempting any workout describe in this website. Our Fit Family Life and any associated persons are not liable for any injuries directly or indirectly caused by the use of the exercises and/or programs contained in this website.