My postpartum secret? Corsets!

Post baby body ~ 3 months postpartum

     Women everywhere want to know the secret to a great postpartum body. Many assume that it takes months of hard work in the gym to get your pre pregnancy body back.  Hard work in the gym definitely pays off, but there are a few tips that can rapidly speed this process and help you recover your shape quickly.

     After my pregnancy I was physically drained, and actually a bit injured due to a tear during the delivery. I was barely able to walk without pain for almost a month, and didn’t start any type of exercise routine until almost 3 months post partum. Luckily I had worked hard to stay active leading up to my delivery, swimming a few times a week right up until my due date. But the fitness I had retained was hidden under the leftover baby weight. That’s where a Corset or belly binder can be step in and work miracles!

     There are two main issues most women want to address after giving birth; wider hips, and a flabby belly. There are two specific types of corsets that can help address these issues individually and have been used for years by women in the know and celebrities to bounce back quickly. I used the two corsets below and was thrilled with the results.


The Hip Slimmer

Hip slimmer 

     Your body naturally prepares for the delivery by flooding itself with hormones including Relaxin, Estrogen, and Progesterone. Relaxin relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis and softens and widens the cervix to accomodate your little one and make your life easier during delivery. Your hips actually expand to allow the baby to pass through, which is great! Unfortunately they don’t always return to their original shape without a little encouragement. Luckily your body retains the hormones for up to 6 months post partum so you have a window to quickly and relatively easily restore your original hip shape.

     The Hip Slimmer is a laced corset that sits directly on your hips and can squeeze them back so your favorite pair of jeans doesn’t have to end up in the trash! I wore mine to bed for around 2 weeks. The corset needs to be tight. I usually put mine on after I was already lying in bed and tried to wear it all night. If you wake up with it around your waist, it wasn’t tight enough. If you wake up in the middle of the night in agony, it’s too tight. There’s no getting around it, there will be some discomfort, but if you are dedicated your hips should be back in their original shape in a few weeks.

    Not only does this have aesthetic benefits, but it’s also good news for those of us who enjoy exercises like cycling and running. Wider hips can have a detrimental affect on the geometry and alignment of your hips, knees and ankles leading to joint pain and weakness.


The Bellefit Compression Girdle

Bellefit compression girdle

     A compression girdle also takes advantage of the hormones in your system postpartum and works with your body’s natural process of recovery, but focuses more on your abdominal muscles and your belly. After giving birth your body still has excess fluid trapped in your abdominal tissue. A compression girdle will help squeeze that fluid out of the tissue, and help draw in your stretched abdominal muscles (which separated during pregnancy to accommodate your bump)

      You can start wearing your corset the day you are discharged from the hospital with your doctor’s permission. I wore mine day and night for 4 weeks. Ideally the corset would be worn starting the day your discharged, but women have also seen great results when they began using the corset up to 8 -10 months postpartum.



      Consistency is the key, and within a few days you should start to see results. Your end results will vary depending on how much weight you gained with your pregnancy. But you should see a narrowing of the hips and a dramatic decrease in the soft belly tissue after a few weeks.

      Be sure to include these corsets as part of your recovery regiment, which should include a healthy diet. Also, ask your doctor when it’s safe to begin exercising. Good luck, and have a happy recovery! 

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