I’m 17 months old and I went snowboarding!

1st day snowboarding in the backpack ~ Mammoth Mountain

 Little ripper boy ~ Next snowboarder generation

Little ripper boy ~ Next snowboarder generation

Hi, I’m Curren, I’m 17 months old and my parents took me for my first day on the mountain snowboarding! I can imagine your face and expression “What??!” Yes, they did! And it was awesome!

I’m a Southern Californian baby, so being naked or in a pair of shorts is how I roll. I’ve been walking for 7 months and I’m pretty good at it, but suddenly I could hardly move my arms and legs! I know it wasn’t warm, but they insisted on dressing me in my Patagonia first layer, a fleece pajama, a fleece jacket, a huge puffy pair of pants and another puffy jacket! But that’s not all… I had mittens and fur boots ducted tapped to these clothes, a winter hat, a neck warmer and snow goggles!

After my first time on the lift I understood why! Even though it was sunny, the air was cool and sometimes windy, but I stayed nice and warm the whole time!

baby snowboarder - Deuter - hiking back pack - snowboarding with a baby

I didn’t really ride a snowboard. Not yet, but my parents told me I will get my own equipment very soon! I was in the baby carrier, the one my parents and I love, the Deuter Kid Comfort II. And when they say “comfort” they mean it! (And no, they didn’t pay me to tell you that!). I was on Daddy’s back. He was talking to me whole the time “You need to rail your turns, Buddy”, he was making car sounds and I was laughing. Mom rode behind us. We were almost alone on the slopes, but I think she wanted to make sure I was okay and she was riding as a blocker against anyone coming behind us. I could see her each time Daddy was turning! Vrooomm

 Enjoying the ride in the back pack ~ Baby snowboarder! 

Enjoying the ride in the back pack ~ Baby snowboarder! 

After a few runs we had to go back to the car to get more sun screen. At the bottom of the hill we ran into my friend Juliet. She’s 9 months old, very cute, and she was playing and sledding with her parents and her dogs. It was fun to ride with her. We weren’t going as fast as with the snowboard, but I could move my little legs and play in the snow.

Back in the backpack, I was exhausted, I slowly fell asleep in my cozy carrier. Mom was making sure I was warm and my little nostrils were clear. I was being gently rocked to sleep thanks to my Daddy’s turn rhythm. My pacifier was tucked into the neck warmer, so no drool today!

 Nap time in the backpack!

Nap time in the backpack!

I woke up in the Gondola. Since I was so bundled up, my parents fed my some date and cherry bars. I like going on adventures, because we always bring good snacks I don’t eat at home! All of us were hungry so we stopped for a while to have lunch in a big and warm room. I got to take off my layers and I was able to climb on the chairs and run around! But after a nice meal, I was ready to go back to the slopes. I didn’t complain at all this time when they were dressing me as the Michelin Man. I'd learned it was key to staying snug and having a great time. I let them put all these layers on me, duct tap my precious mittens and boots and even put my goggles on without a complaint. Hopefully, some day I will be as good as Daddy, maybe even better.


Here we go again! Vrooom!

snowboarding - family

What a nice adventure for the three of us! I can’t wait to go again.

Disclaimer: Obviously an adventure like this is not for everyone. My husband has been snowboarding at the highest level for over 25 years. We always ride in control, and away from crowded areas. We were presented with a beautiful warm sunny day, with an empty mountain, so we took advantage. Hope you enjoyed the story.