week 3 - day 3 - And 5 tips to make your back pain vanish at work!

Sitting all day in a car, in front of a computer, on a couch… is a leading reason why 80% of people end up with back pain at some point in their lives.

Cobra pose

A few simple changes in the way you sit at work can help you feel better! 

Keep your head up. Align your head and neck right above your shoulders and avoid leaning forward.

Be picky with your chair

Choose one that allows your lower back to rest against a lumbar support, and  tilt the back of the chair so it’s just slightly reclined.

Plant your feet in the ground

Keep your feet flat on the floor and shoulder-width apart to quiet tension in your knees and ankles. Avoid high heels as often as possible.

Don’t cross your legs

You can’t keep your spine straight and your shoulder at the same level if you sit cross-legged. You may get out of alignment and raise your risk of varicose veins.

Take breaks and loosen up your body

Get up at least once an hour, walk to go to the bathroom, use the stairs, stretch your shoulders, back, neck, and legs. You need to boost your blood circulation and loosen up your whole body.

If you are interested, click here for more info and tips about how to get rid of your back pain

Fitness challenge ~ abs, arms and legs 


Table top

Sit with your knees bent, feet hip-width apart. Place your hands behind your hips with your fingertips pointed at your feet. Pull your abs in tight and press down through your heels and your hands to lift your hips up into a tabletop position (your body should form a straight line from your knees to your head). Hold 2 seconds and then lower your hips.


V sit up with leg lifts

Sit on the floor with your leg extended in front of you and your hands behind your hips, fingertips pointed at your feet. Try to keep your upper body in a relatively static position and do not over extend the leg lift. Start with a double leg lift and follow with a single leg lift, right then left. Repeat.


Calf raises

Start off standing up straight with your feet hips width apart. Hold your core tight to keep balance. Slowly raise up on the balls of your feet so that your heels are lifted off of the ground and do ten pulses at the top. Return back to the starting position and repeat.


Russian twists

Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Lean back so your torso is at a 45-degree angle to floor and make sure to keep your back straight Lace your fingers, arms straight out in front of your chest. Take a deep breath. Slowly rotate to the right as far as you can, exhale and pause Inhale and then reverse this movement all the way to the left. Repeat


Have a great weekend and see you on Monday for the last week of our 4 week free fitness Challenge!


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