Multitasking Mommy Skincare Line - Giveaway

Hey there,

Most of you already know that I’m expecting baby number 2 at the end of January 2017. I managed to avoid stretch marks when I was pregnant with Curren and I’m definitely motivated to do the same with my 2nd sprout! 

I can attest that a second pregnancy is harder on the body (and mind!) than the first one. The body “remembers” what it went through and changes faster. My bump is now much bigger than it was at the same stage with my first one, and running behind a toddler doesn’t help to rest and take care of myself. That’s why I was excited to try something that multitasks as much as me!

I was looking for products to deal with varied skin issues that come along with the hormonal rollercoaster. I’m so happy to have found a skincare line that’s not only safe during pregnancy, but also answers my needs.  

Visha Skin Care Mommy line 

  • Bump 2 Baby Body Balm

I love the texture and the delicate smell of Bump 2 Baby. This cream is formulated for dry and sensitive skin and is safe to use during pregnancy or while nursing to prevent stretch marks and moisturize the skin. What a body can do is amazing, but it’s great to get some help to nourish this growing bump. Then, once baby is here, this cream can also be used to prevent and treat eczema in young children.

  • Mommy Brightener with Illuminotex Serum

Finally a brighter that is safe during pregnancy and nursing! I’m putting all my hopes in this serum to avoid the pregnancy mask I got during my first pregnancy. It’s supposed to diminish sun spots, hyper pigmentation and acne due to hormone changes. More updates in the next few months.

  • Mommy Purifying Cleanser

No more pregnancy zits since I use this product!! I can attest that it diminishes hormonal breakouts. My face feels so much better after my shower. It feels deeply cleaned and fresh. I really enjoy the light menthol smell too. 

  • Mommy Bright Eye Booster

Bye bye dark circles after a short night. I now look like a young pregnant Mom, even if I should have stayed in bed for a few more hours! Haha! Seriously, I do feel and see the difference.  With morning sickness, fatigue and generally feeling like a huge potato, pregnancy doesn't make all women feel beautiful. It’s great to have products to safely take care of myself during these few months.

I wanted to share this brand with you because I’m sure many of their products will interest you. I’m happy to give you 15% off on all the products in Visha Skin Care Mommy line with the code  ourfitfamilylife15

Bump 2 Baby body balm - Giveaway!

Along with Visha Skincare, I'm organizing an Instagram giveaway to win a container of “Bump 2 Baby” Body Balm - 10oz - 283g.

Just a few easy steps to participate and win your “Bump 2 baby” cream:

  • Repost my Instagram picture, or post one of your own
  • Tell me in the caption your 3 favorite baby names
  • Hashtag #mybump2baby 
  • Tag  @ourfitfamilylife and @vishaskincare
  • Follow @ourfitfamilylife and @vishaskincare

(Note: your profile needs to be public on Thursday 18th 2016, 11pm PST, so we can see your picture. Curren will randomly choose the lucky winner!)