“Does Motherhood accelerate the aging process?”

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Some friends and I were recently discussing the joys of motherhood when an unsettling question came to mind. Are our kids making us old maids prematurely?


That question was soon followed by a host of others:

When’s the last time I had a really restful night? Or slept in?! Why don’t these light stretch marks on my thighs and butt disappear? And what happened to my hair… and my skin…?

These thoughts sparked some research, and I’ve found an article that explains a lot! It breaks down discusses some of the more alarming side effects of pregnancy and post pregnancy.  It’s pretty well written and I can visualize myself in most of the article.

If you are interested, you can find it here:


Toward the end of my pregnancy I heard daily, “Are you ok? You look tired!”. Thanks… I was tired. And guess what, I’m now 2 months postpartum and I’m still tired! I guess I can blame motherhood’s side effects. However, I swear, I wouldn’t trade my new life as a Mom for anything! But can’t we find a solution to be working Mothers and still looking relatively rested, glowing and fresh? I don’t need to look like a 20 year old forever, but I’d like to age well. My husband does it almost effortlessly!


Here are my new resolutions (never to late to make good resolutions right?)

1-    Get a massage and some quality time with myself at least once a month.

2-    Exercise daily, even if it’s only walking/running around the block for 20 min.

3-    And take 10 minutes for daily Me-time in front of the bathroom mirror!

Research has shown that women experience positive emotions after applying make-up and beauty products. This pleasure boosts self-esteem, which in turn enhances a person’s natural beauty. It’s now time for me to take care of myself as much as I take care of my sons (and husband!)!

My new journey started here, on the Dermalogica website

They offer a skin analysis to identify your needs and provide a personalized product prescription! All the advice I needed from the comfort of my home.

I decided to Age-Smart with Dermalogica and I wanted to share with you my favorite new weapons!

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postpartum body

Twice a day, I like giving some love to this postpartum belly with:

Add one pump to the cream, blend and apply in smooth, upward strokes. It feels great!

(Note, if you are pregnant, you want to make sure all the products are safe. You can find more info about what to avoid here )

I’m now armed against advanced-aging. My new daily routine in the bathroom gives me some time to take care of myself. I even close the door (it’s rare, and I’m sure many Moms will know what I mean…)!  I’ve slowly relearned how to take care of myself. Moms are always taking care of others, but we have to make sure that in the whirlwind of life we're taking care of ourselves as well. Trying to keep body and mind healthy is a real challenge and we need to have a plan to keep our lives balanced!

Please, share your Mom tips to age (relatively) gracefully?