Week 3 - day 2 - A minute planking is never wasted!

 Full plank pose

Full plank pose

A few reasons why we should plank everyday!


Define this stomach!

Everybody wants a flat stomach. But to reveal it you have to shred some belly fat! Sit-ups or crunches are not the most effective abs workout.  As planks work on more muscles, they burn more calories. They also strengthen deep muscles and build a solid base for the more superficial ones.


Eliminate back pain

Did you know that back pain touches 4 of 5 Americans at some point in their life? When you plank, your core gets stronger, from every angle! Not only you get a beautiful 6-pack, but also strengthen your deep abdominal muscles.  Planks involve minimal movement, but you need to hold good form for a few seconds. It contracts all the layers of your ab muscles building a strong core keeping you away from back pain.


Stand up straight!

Guess what’s key when we talk about posture? Yep, you guessed it: with a trained and strong core you will be able to stand and sit straighter longer. A strong core makes you less prone to round your back and shoulders when you have to stand for a long time or spend a day sitting in front of a computer at work.


The plank is an amazing core exercise that lights up a multitude of muscles all at once. Since many variations on the plank exist, it’s easy to switch things up and enrich your workouts! Beside, it’s free, fast and no equipment needed!

Convinced? Try it! I’ve integrated 2 different plank variations in these workoutsIf you are already plank addicted, here is a video with… 100 plank variations!! Hope you enjoy!


Talking about planking... Let's go back to our challenge! 

Fitness challenge ~  abs, arms and legs 

Plank with shoulder touches

Begin in a full plank position with feet hip-width apart. Your body should form a straight line from shoulders to ankles. Engage your core by sucking your belly button into your spine. Lightly tap left shoulder with right hand. Return to start and then immediately lift left hand and tap right shoulder. Breath regularly without holding your breath


Squat to curtsy squat

Squat, then step your left leg behind you and to the right so your thighs cross, bending both knees as if you were curtsying. Return to standing, squat and switch sides.


One arm plank

Begin in a full plank position with feet hip-width apart. Your body should form a straight line from shoulders to ankles. Engage your core by sucking your belly button into your spine. Lift one arm straight in front of you. Hold for 2 seconds. Return to start and switch arm. Breath regularly without holding your breath


Bridge hold, open and close

Lie flat on your back with hands by your side and your knees bent. Your feet should be placed around shoulder width apart. Exhale and push with your heels, lift your hips off the floor and keep your back straight. Now, open and close your legs. Your feet stay on the ground. Keep your hips up.


Knee push-ups

Start in a plank position,  but rest on your knees. Even though you are on your hands and knees, you still need to extend your body so that it is a Straight line from top of the head to the knees. Hips are in line with body and shoulders are directly over the hands. Elbows go back as they bend and the head stays in line with the spine. Bring your torso down, not just your head or your shoulders, till your nose touches the ground. Return to knee plank position. 


See you on Friday for another 10 to 15 minute routine!

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